GRHA is governed by a Board of Directors which represent a diverse group of healthcare providers, professionals, policy makers, educators, and consumers. Day-to-day business is handled by the full-time Director, with part-time assistance provided an administrative assistant.
Our members reflect the diverse nature of rural communities throughout our state. GRHA accomplishes its goals because its network of members reflects the many components of rural healthcare. Our organization includes:

  1. Healthcare Professionals Community Health Centers5
  2. Hospitals/Boards
  3. Public Health Boards
  4. Area Health Education Centers
  5. Social Services Agencies
  6. Behavioral and Mental Health Professionals
  7. Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Educators
  8. State Policy Makers
  9. City and County Governments
  10. Industry/Business
  11. Community and Civic Oranizations
  12. Business Leaders
  13. Social Services Agencies
  14. Rural Community Residents