About Us

Georgia Rural Health Association (GRHA) is the oldest state rural health association in the country. Founded in 1981, this nonprofit network of healthcare providers, educators, and individuals is united in its commitment to improve the health and healthcare services of rural Georgians. GRHA understands that the 15rural areas in our state are unique and differ greatly from urban areas in our state. These rural communities, and those who provide healthcare services to them, require educational programs and support tailored to their specific needs.

The Association’s mission includes:

Promoting rural health as a distinct concern in Georgia
Serving as an advocate for rural health by promoting improved health status, healthcare systems, and health-related education for rural Georgians

Encouraging the development of appropriate healthcare resources for residents of rural Georgia

To accomplish this mission, GRHA acts as a conduit for the exchange and distribution of information intended to improve health outcomes and preserve health services throughout rural Georgia.

Rural Georgia Health Facts
Georgia has 108 rural counties. (click [HERE] for listing of rural counties in GA)

  • Poverty rates for rural counties exceed those in urban counties by 58%.
  • The rural counties have approximately half as many physicians and dramatic shortages of nurses, therapists, and nutritionists (per capita) as the metro counties.
  • The crude death rate is higher in rural areas than the urban county rate. From Georgia Center for Rural Health and Research.
  • Lower educational levels found in rural counties contribute to poverty and handicap the individual and family in making health decisions.